Introduction Edit

This is Level 5 of the Memory Evaluation tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested character: GentlemanFront

Note: Since you can only use the Gentleman in this tunnel, he will be the only recommended character.

Gameplay Edit

The first half of part 5 begins with two 3x3 tile platforms on the same side. Following them is a "U" shaped platform on the right side over, which bridges them to two additional 3x3 platforms. The second half is the same pattern, except mirrored and in darkness like the other levels. It may not be advisable to take power cells, as they can cause you to spiral off track, forgetting where you were in the dark tiles (same applies for all levels). However, due to the fact you may have to jump, you might be attracted to the power cells anyway.


This level was originally made by Karsh777, however, all the credits are given to the Gentleman.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Memory Evaluation Part 5

Run 3 Memory Evaluation Part 5

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