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This is a transcript of the cutscene Morning Hypothesis.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Location: Levels C-2 3, & 4                                      Characters: Student

Part 1

StudentFront.png (Sleeping on the ground)

StudentFront.png (Wakes up)

StudentFront.png (Yawns and stands up)

StudentFront.png (Reaches inside her backpack)

StudentFront.png (Grabs a small green object)

StudentFront.png (Eats it or drops it back into her backpack)

StudentFront.png (Puts on backpack)

StudentFront.png Good morning, Universe!


StudentFront.png Now for my practice hypothesis... What should I test today?

Part 2

StudentFront.png I need to do more tests on this whole solo teleport thing. I just don't get it. Why is your mood so important when you teleport?

StudentFront.png (Begins walking towards Level C-3) Or even whether it matters. After yesterday's test, I'm starting to think it's something else...

StudentFront.png (Continues walking) Maybe it's something else, such as... ...I'm not sure. What else changes when your mood changes?

StudentFront.png I know! Today's hypothesis is that solo teleportation has to do with awareness! Maybe if you focus on staying calm, that means you're more aware. Or less aware, for all I know.

StudentFront.png (Standing with her arms out, eye closed) To test this, I'll stand right here, with my eyes closed. Then when I least expect it, someone else will push me out of the tunnel. I need help to pull this off, so where's the...

Continuous beeping starts

StudentFront.png (Opens eye and listens)

StudentFront.png (Looks around)

StudentFront.png (Continues looking around) Um... hello?

StudentFront.png (Continues looking around) Hello?

Part 3
Beeping continues

StudentFront.png (Looks into the tunnel)

StudentFront.png Who's there?

StudentFront.png (Turns around) Hello? I said, who's there?

StudentFront.png (Turns around again) And will you please stop that?!

StudentFront.png (Begins walking into the tunnel)

StudentFront.png Maybe no one else is here, and this tunnel just started beeping on its own. I hope not. It's easier to test for people.

StudentFront.png (Turns around) Here's how you test for people: (Shouts) Hey! Is anyone there?! (Stops shouting) See? That was easy!

StudentFront.png But nope, seems I'm alone. And now I have to figure out, on my own, with nothing but an annoyingly loud tunnel, what is happening.

Voice: Happening: Nothing appropriate.

StudentFront.png Aah!

Voice: Call failed.

StudentFront.png Who's there?

Voice: The authorities have been notified of your location.

StudentFront.png Who said that?

Voice: Please stay where you are.

Part 4

StudentFront.png Strange voice. Authorities? Talking tunnel? Whoever you are.

StudentFront.png Are you still there? 'Cause if so, we need to talk.

StudentFront.png (Looks around) And maybe you could try to be a bit nicer this time.


StudentFront.png Ok, seriously? I know you said to stay where I was, but I've barely gone anywhere! How did you lose track of me already?

StudentFront.png (Walking back the way she came from) I'm back! Did you miss me?

StudentFront.png I didn't go far, by the way. In case that's an issue.


StudentFront.png ...Really? Hmm... Guess it's time for my other hypothesis.

StudentFront.png By the way, my other hypothesis is that you aren't a person at all! If you are a person and you think that's rude, too bad! Because you've been nothing but rude to me!

Part 5

StudentFront.png (Resuming experiment: Standing arms out, eye closed) Stand here. Eye closed. Arms out. Focus...


StudentFront.png (Opens eye) Guess not. Maybe it reacted to something I said, not anything I did. What was I talking about?

StudentFront.png I said... that I needed someone to push me off the edge. So that I couldn't anticipate the fall. Still gotta test that sometime... And then I said I was about to go get the Skater.

StudentFront.png (Shouts) Hey, voice! I'm about to go get the Skater! I need his help to do teleportation experiments! Don't you have anything to say to that? Hint, hint!


StudentFront.png (Looks annoyed) Oh.

StudentFront.png (Walks toward the place where the beeping started) Here's the other place you reacted to me.

StudentFront.png (Continues walking) At this point, I thought you might be a person. But when I asked, you said nothing. People usually respond when I shout at them, so I figured you were something else.

StudentFront.png Next, I complained about having to figure this out on my own. And then you finally spoke up, and told me off. And you said I should stay here because the Authorities were on their way.

StudentFront.png Is that ringing any bells? Hello?


StudentFront.png I guess I could just ask the Authorities to explain all this.

StudentFront.png (Sits on the ground) Whenever they get here...

StudentFront.png (Takes off backpack)

StudentFront.png (Places her backpack on the ground and grabs some book)

StudentFront.png (Sits down and begins reading the book)

StudentFront.png (Puts book away and yawns)

StudentFront.png (Lies down) Maybe they'll get here tomorrow.

StudentFront.png (Falls asleep)

7 hours later

StudentFront.png (Still sleeping)

StudentFront.png (Wakes up and opens eye)

StudentFront.png (Gets up) Wait, I might have figured out what caused it.

Two seconds later
Continuous beeping begins again

StudentFront.png I knew it!

StudentFront.png (Begins walking towards her backpack) I had all the information I needed, all along. Guess I just needed to sleep on it.

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