Cutscene Transcript

Introduction[edit | edit source]

My Turn is the 26th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all hidden and optional cutscenes.

This is a major cutscene, and it also marks the beginning of the Angel Missions, one of the most influential events in game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After beating Box Storage Area, part 11, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Angel will begin. The Angel demands that the Runner give him her map, saying "It's not like you're using it." He goes on to complain that she's had more than enough time to find a way back home saying it has been months of being out here, and he asks for the map once again.

The Runner protests, "How come everyone already wants to go home?" revealing that she has no desire to go back to the Planet yet. This cutscene marks the beginning of the Angel Missions, which starts as a checklist appearing on the Galaxy Map after this cutscene.

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