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Cutscene Transcript


Naming is the 20th cutscene in Run 3, or the 18th if not counting the cutscenes Batteries and Cheating.

It is a minor cutscene, and the D-Tunnel will be renamed to The Crystal Gallery after this cutscene.


After beating Level D-14, a cutscene will begin in Level D-12 showing a conversation between the Runner and the Gentleman. The Gentleman tells the Runner that he is concerned about her "naming convention" for tunnels, saying that they are "arbitrary" and "uninformative", and that they will reflect poorly upon the group when they return to the Planet.

The Runner mumbles that it doesn't matter that much, but she allows him to name a tunnel or two. Then she runs back through the tunnel while the Gentleman considers the different factors needed to make a good name. Afterwards, the screen cuts to the map, where the player can see that the D-Tunnel has been renamed "The Crystal Gallery" by the Gentleman.

Two small text bubbles will pop up on the bottom of the screen one after the other saying, "Note to self..." and "Don't let the Gentleman name any more tunnels," respectively. It is said by the Runner after the end of this cutscene. (Revealing she doesn't like the new name of the tunnel.)