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This is a transcript of the cutscene Naming.

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Location: Level D-12  (The Crystal Gallery, part 12)   Characters: Gentleman, Runner

GentlemanFront (Faces the Runner) I'm concerned about your naming convention. The labels you choose strike me as entirely arbitrary, and worse, uninformative.
GentlemanFront I worry that it will reflect poorly on us upon our return, if each tunnel is assigned nothing but a letter. By way of example, the letter "D" is a fantastically dull appellation for this tunnel, especially when compared with the numerous other possibilities.
RunnerFront (Thinking to herself: Does it even matter that much?)
RunnerFront (Begins to walk away) ...
RunnerFront Oh, alright. If you really want to, you can name a tunnel or two.
GentlemanFront Much obliged.
RunnerFront (Continues to walk and jump away)
GentlemanFront (Off-screen) Hmm... what would be a good name? It has to appeal to the right sort of people... And it certainly ought to reflect the bright colors and patterns in this tunnel.

On Galaxy Map

RunnerFront Note to self...
RunnerFront Don't let the Gentleman name any more tunnels.

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