Cutscene Transcript
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Sneaking around.

The Child is hiding in this cutscene, good luck spotting him.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Nice to Meet You is the 4th cutscene in the game Run 3, or the 3rd one if not counting Batteries. This cutscene is not a major one, but is still quite unique as the Angel debuts in this cutscene.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After beating Level W-3, a conversation will begin between the Angel and Runner. The Runner says, "I'm the Runner. Also known as the Cartographer." The Angel responds saying that he is known as the highest paid engineer on the planet. He then compliments her by saying that she looks gorgeous, but the Runner is unimpressed because she looks "exactly the same as anyone you'd meet on the Planet" and asks why the Angel likes her appearance.

The Angel says that he appreciates the natural look and the Runner suggests that he should compliment women by their personality and not by their looks. The Angel then offers to work together to find a way home. The Runner likes the offer at first, saying that she could always use more volunteers, but after the Angel suggests that they should work together without the Student and the Skater because he'd be more helpful than any of them, the Runner walks away, not impressed with his ego.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • In this cutscene, the Child is present and is hiding in the background, spying on the Angel and Runner. You can see him if you look carefully enough.
  • The Angel mistakes the Student for a boy, because he only knows her by name as they haven't met yet.
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