ABreathOfFreshNothing.png This level is hard!

This level is rather difficult. It can challenge veteran players and most beginners cannot finish this level. Most players consider it to be a hard level. Even elite players may have trouble beating this in one attempt. Good luck in beating this level! Warning: Do not try this at home!!!


This is Level 15 of Plan A in Run 3.

Suggested Character: BunnyFront.png


If you look at the screenshot, there are ramps in a line. If you are use the Bunny, which would be a good idea since only the Bunny will work effectively on this level, aim high, jumping up to avoid missing. You can hop through a few of the ramps in a row, jumping close to the end of the rows, boosting you straight up to the platforms. Repeat, and you should pass, eventually.  

Note: the Child is not good for this level since he doesn't jump high, and will simply just fall back down unsuccessfully, and winning is close to impossible.  

Phew! Tough, wasn't it? The previous level sure didn't help, did it either? The next level, and the final level of the tunnel, is famous. For the wrong reasons. Yep. Plan A, part 16. Voted as the hardest level in the game. You've done so well to come this far. As you hit unpause on the purple tunnel, click on the 'Next Level' button on the wiki. Help is what we on Run Wiki do, and you will need it.  


  • According to the different versions of game files, it is revealed that this is originally a Plan C level. Though it is unknown why this is changed and moved to Plan A instead.



Run 3 Plan A part 15

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