Introduction Edit

This is Level 4 of Plan A in Run 3.

Suggested characters: BunnyFront DuplicatorFront PastafarianFront

Gameplay Edit

For a Plan A, late game level, this level is very easy.

The Bunny jumps high, and moves fast, giving a very long jump. The boxes are redundant for the Bunny, as it can go straight to the platforms and you shouldn't try to jump on them. Try to get a few bounces in a row when you can, as the platforms are sometimes far away. You need to hold jump to get a far jump. Sometimes you may need a small jump, in which you should either use the accumulated momentum to hop onto it, or find another platform, or box, and JUMP!

As the Duplicator you just need to play as you were using the Runner. The main platforms are easy to jump across and they are not far away. Just jump from platform to platform until you finish.

For the Pastafarian you just need keep jumping on the bridge, then change gravity to get to the bridge faster, then jump again. Starting from a normal tile, then jumping to a bridge tile and jumping again will strengthen the bridge twice, but doing this again and again is not recommended. Do it once at the beginning of the level, then avoid normal tiles.

The Child can also beat this level but is slightly more difficult. Unlike the Bunny, the boxes prove very useful. If you can manage to hit the side of a box, happy days. You'll skip one third of the level, and earn a great deal of satisfaction. Watching him float down is very, very pleasing.

Overall, if you can screw around with this level as the Child, you should be able to pass very easily, and it should cause no problems at all.

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