ABreathOfFreshNothing.png This level is hard!

This level is rather difficult. It can challenge veteran players and most beginners cannot finish this level. Most players consider it to be a hard level. Even elite players may have trouble beating this in one attempt. Good luck in beating this level!

Was i here before.png Wait... this is familiar.

This level looks a lot like an Infinite Mode level, or a former Infinite Mode level.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is Level 10 of Plan C in Run 3. It is confirmed to be a former Infinite Mode level, with the id of 277[1].

Suggested characters: DuplicatorFront.png BunnyFront.png ChildFront.png

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Using the Duplicator can make your gameplay easier since you can always try to keep duplicates alive to let you live. There are massive Ramps, so you don't have to jump every turn, but sometimes the ramps are not large enough to let you jump higher, thus making large jumps. There are also boxes in the level, so avoid them if it blocks your way in jumping, or run on them if you need extra control of gravity.

However, some of you may not have the Duplicator, so use the Bunny. This will require you to not use the jump button, because the Bunny jumps out of the tunnel. You will have to make your own path for this. Plan ahead, and experiment with the level.

The Child's slow speed will allow you to choose which paths or which side of the boxes. but the big ramps allow you to reach walls.

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]


Run 3 Plan C part 10

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