Introduction Edit

This is Level 14 of the Plan C Tunnel in Run 3.

Suggested characters: AngelFront BunnyFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, there are multiple platforms and routes for you to run onto. Some have pretty big gaps, but they can be passed through easily with the Angel and Bunny. There are also some ice tiles, and they can help for a little with momentum.

Sometimes, there are no platforms in front of you to leap on. In this case, go for the walls. Just do a high jump, and change gravity, and you will find yourself finishing the jump.

The Angel can save himself by gliding, and the Bunny can build momentum before unleashing a MASSIVE jump, making them suitable for this level.

This level is not very long, and if you can pass through the larger gaps, this level can then be passed with ease.  

Plot Edit

There is a cutscene featured in this level. More information on this cutscene can be found here.

After beating Plan C, part 14, a cutscene starring the Child appears. He appears to spin while saying he's too bored. He then lies down for a few seconds and then he has an idea of building a spaceship. Then he comes back to Plan C, part 9 when he told the Angel he is building a spaceship in 2 months, but the Angel admonishes the Child, saying he isn't going to be successful. The Angel then says "It's worth a try. It'll be a good learning experience." The Child replies with "But I don't want a learning experience! I just want to go home!" The Angel ends the cutscene with the line "Too late. We're doing this."

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