This is Level 15 of Plan C in Run 3.

Suggested Characters: ChildFront.png DuplicatorFront.png BunnyFront.png


This level consists of 5-tile-large platforms shaped like plus-signs throughout the level.

If you are using the Child, you can use him to float across large gaps scattered throughout the level, and if the gap is short, jump to the nearest Ramp, eliminating the large distances floated by the child. Note that the Ice tiles help to speed him up slightly, giving him an advantage of jumping large distances.

If you are using the Duplicator, try to keep your duplicates inside the level because they are very useful in this level. If you want to jump across the large gaps, you can jump off your duplicates to make the jump, though it is required that your duplicates need to be near to each other. When you are lucky, you can even jump off two duplicates, making a triple jump, boosting you very far. You just have to look for a landing place in mid jump, so beware of this. You don't even have to map out the level's landing place; you can just base your landing off your instincts.

If you are using the Bunny, use big jumps to jump from the little platforms. If a big jump is not necessary, just release the button and let the bunny jump by itself. This may be hard, but you will be able to achieve it easily after a few times.


Upon finishing the level, you are immediately sent to the Galaxy Map since the next level isn't published yet. In the end of the level, it is seen that Plan C, part 16 has Boxes in it. The level is also in small pentagonal shape with purple color.



Run 3 Plan C part 15

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