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Introduction Edit

This is Level 2 of Plan C in Run 3.

Suggested characters: DuplicatorFront BunnyFront

Gameplay Edit

In this level, you need to jump across fairly big platforms, some close and some far, calling for some character who can make both long and short jumps (and everything in between!).

First, you may try the Bunny. Increase your speed by keep hopping through the first few tiles, then unleash a large jump so that you can soar through space and land on the next platform. Keep repeating this procedure and you'll beat this level in no time.

As for the Duplicator, you can try to get as many duplicates as possible, and when you jump, try and jump off some of the duplicates. If you do this, you can jump much farther, but be careful, because you may overshoot the platform.

Overall, this level is pretty hard, but you shouldn't have too many problems with it. As long as you don't fall short of the platforms or overshoot them, you will be able this beat this level with relative ease.

Walkthrough Edit

Run 3 Plan C part 2

Run 3 Plan C part 2

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