Cutscene Transcript

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Planet Missing is the 12th cutscene in Run 3, 14th if counting the optional cutscene Batteries and the hidden cutscene Cheating.

Although this cutscene is only three frames long, it is still a major cutscene in the story.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After beating a total of fifty levels and Level 40, the Planet icon on the map will glow yellow the next time the map is viewed. Clicking on the Planet will initiate a cutscene showing a conversation between the Pastafarian and the Duplicator. The cutscene shows the two characters discovering that the Planet has disappeared, and it takes place where they first entered the tunnels. It is implied that this is the first time that any of the characters realized that the Planet was gone. The cutscene can be viewed again at any time by clicking on the Planet icon, however, it will not glow after the first time it is watched.

You are required to watch this cutscene to unlock the U-Tunnel. By clicking on Level U-1, another cutscene called Planet Stolen will initiate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At first, it was required for you to beat 40 levels and 4 tunnels, but it was changed to beat only 50 levels (including Level 40) later on.
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