Cutscene Transcript
Duplicator & Child Hiding.png
Sneaking around.

The Child is hiding in this cutscene, good luck spotting him.


Planet Stolen is the 13th cutscene in the game Run 3, 15th if counting the optional cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. This is a minor cutscene.


Upon clicking on Level U-1, a cutscene will begin on Level 37 showing a discussion between the Duplicator and the Runner about the strange disappearance of the Planet, which was observed previously in the cutscene Planet Missing.

The Duplicator tells the Runner that the Planet is gone, but she only says "It'll come back." Then the Duplicator accuses the Runner of being the one who stole the planet, to which the Runner responds, "I think I'll ignore that entirely," and the two proceed to map out the next tunnel.


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