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Playing With Fire is an upcoming cutscene.


The Skater meets up with the Child in Level D-3. The Child shows off some candy he found, to which the Skater asks if he could try one. The Child gladly offers one, saying he doesn't need them, and asks if the Skater likes candy. The Skater doesn't mind them and says you have to eat something at least, to which the Child goes on a little mini-rant about diets.

The Skater apologizes for setting the mood down, and insists they talk about something fun, which reminds the Child that they can instead burn the candy. The Skater asks if he can see it as long as the Child is okay with it. The Child happily obliges, saying that he has nothing else to use it for.


  • This cutscene, as well as how cutscenes work, was the main focus of a stream by player_03 on January 5th, 2019.
    • The last we heard of this cutscene, player_03 said he needed to draw fire for the scene, implying they will burn it, and that there will be more dialogue.
  • The transcript of this cutscene can be found in Runaway3D's source.
  • As of now, it is unknown when this takes place. It's confirmed that it takes place at some point after "Candy". It is possible it will take place before the characters split up, as the Child and Skater take different paths.
  • Prior to this cutscene, what the Child did with the candy was only revealed in one of his Infinite Mode trivia.