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Protip is the 41st cutscene in Run 3, if counting all optional and hidden cutscenes. It is a minor cutscene, but it makes the rest of the Bridge Building minigame a lot easier.


After reaching the backwards Level U-8 box push during the Bridge Building, then pushing the home button, this cutscene will be initiated (alternatively you can beat this and Level U-7 without pressing home, and then this cutscene will be initiated anyways).

The Student complains about she is frustrated to push the box all over the tunnel every time she falls out the tunnel. The Runner then asks her about does she know how to teleport without moving the box as well. The Runner then tells her that if she teleports while being very calm, the box won't move. Then, if you keep on Bridge Building using the Student, you won't need to start over every time you fall out of the tunnel. It is revealed that the Student doesn't know this beforehand as before this cutscene happens, using the Runner doesn't need to push the box in every turn, but if you use the Student, every time she teleports, the box will go back to it's original location.

It is unknown why the box won't return to their original location if they teleport calmly, as the Runner says she had no idea, but the Student suspects that the tunnels can sense their emotions via the movement of the air particles, thus making the box move. She thinks that this hypothesis is unlikely to be true, but possible.


  • Although there are no boxes in Level 53, this cutscene happens there.
  • Upon reaching Level U-8 backwards for the first time, the game won't show the Protip cutscene by itself. That makes this level incredibly difficult, so hard that you need to push the box 7 times in a row while jumping on small tiles and across large gaps before you can complete this level. A way to let this cutscene to show in this case is to press the Home button, and go back to the checklist and start the level again. The Protip cutscene should show by itself.
    • It is believed that the intent was to make such a hard level that the player quits.