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This is a transcript of the cutscene Revision.

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Location: Memory Evaluation, part 3
Characters: Gentleman

GentlemanFront (Looking at a section of the tunnel) Hmph.

GentlemanFront (Walks away) Such an uncomplicated expanse of tiling presents thoroughly insufficient adversity.

GentlemanFront (Off screen)

GentlemanFront (Reappears with a ring attached to a tile) Let us correct that.

GentlemanFront (Rearranges a number of tiles with the ring)

GentlemanFront (Looks at the completed work) This configuration is a marked improvement. It will induce patrons to expend the barest modicum of effort.

Camera angle changes, looking into the tunnel.

GentlemanFront (Holds ring while walking away to the dark part of the tunnel) Now to implement the same configuration in the dark

GentlemanFront (Moves a tile with the ring) This won't do...

GentlemanFront (Rearranges the tiles once more)

GentlemanFront (Looks at the completed work) I do believe that settles that. A trivial task, at least for one with my mnemonic prowess.

GentlemanFront (Starts walking away) I eagerly await the opportunity to hire employees. I ought not be obliged to perform this variety of menial labor myself.

GentlemanFront (Continues walking away)

GentlemanFront (Accidentally falls off a dark tile and falls into space)

GentlemanFront (Continues falling) Oops.

During Memory Evaluation, part 3

GentlemanFront It is a relief no one was present to observe that.

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