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This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Rings are strange objects that appear in Run 3. They are usually found attached to random boxes scattered throughout the Tunnels. However, they can also be detached and used for other purposes.

Ringed Boxes

The ringed boxes are first discovered by the Student in the cutscene "Something Weird," which takes place in the Box Storage Area, part 6. Ringed boxes always have two rings attached, on opposite sides. The rings allow the box to be pushed forward and backward. The Student once mentions that ringed boxes can be pushed up and down too, but it takes a lot more force.

Detached Rings

Rings can also be detached from boxes and used to move other things around. This is first shown by the Gentleman in the cutscene "Revision," when he uses a detached ring to move tiles around to make his Memory Evaluation levels. Detached rings can also be seen in the cutscene "Leave It Here". They are both seen to be able to carry the rings around easily, implying that the rings are not very heavy. It is also shown that rings can be easily detached from objects, as shown in both cutscenes. In the Infinite Mode Trivia for the Angel, it is said he could cut a tunnel if he wanted, presumably with the use of his ring.

Other Usages

  • The Angel's halo is a ring, and the ring is what allows him to "fly," not his wings. He mentioned that he discovered the rings seven and a half months before the Student. The reason it attaches to him is because he did a little bit of self surgery, implanting the device from the tiles that connect to rings into his head.
  • The Student hypothesizes that the Skater carries a ring with him to help him balance.
  • The hover boat introduced in the cutscene "Obvious" seems to have two rings on the inside of both sides. These rings might be what makes it float.
  • In one of the hint guides of the Coordination Challenge, it is mentioned by the Gentleman that rings do not stick well to Crumbling tiles.
  • There is supposedly two types of rings: One of which is said to be malfunctioning. It is unknown what the differences are.