Level 47 with Runner

Level 47 (49 in Run 3)

Run, also known as "Run 1" or "Run Classic" here to distinguish it from Run Mobile, is the first game in the series. It was released in 2008 and updated as recently as 2017. The game was first posted on Kongregate, and from there the game gained a large following. At this point, there are two other installments in the Run series: Run 2 and Run 3.


You play as a gray space alien running through a tunnel in space. This character is now known to be the Runner; however, at the time, her character wasn't fully established here. The objective is to reach the end of the level and move onto the next one by maneuvering around obstacles like holes. If you fall out of the tunnel, the level restarts. The game starts out with several easy levels, but the difficulty slowly increases as you progress.

When you jump on the wall of a tunnel, you can change gravity and run along it. This is a necessity to complete most levels and might make one level easier.


While being the first game, Run offers a handful of things to do.

Adventure Mode Edit


The message that displays when beating adventure mode on intense difficulty

Traverse through 50 levels to reach the end of the tunnel. As you progress on either "Normal" or Fast", levels will become more difficult. Completing said mode will unlock the "Intense" difficulty, which is much faster and requires fast reflexes.

Infinite Mode Edit

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The message displayed when finishing infinite mode.

Run through randomly generated levels as the difficulty gets higher. Complete 99% to reach infinite. Levels will no longer be more difficult after 99% and can be replayed as many times as you wish.


Edit Mode Edit

Make your own tunnels to share with the world. Change tile color, length of tunnel, and level text. You can also load any shared level you may have found somewhere.


Level 17 with Skater

The Skater playing Level 17.

When the game was released, the Runner was the only character. On July 2, 2012, seven new character costumes were added for Kongregate members: Student, Lizard, Gentleman, Angel, Skater, Caveman and Zombie. The first five of those later became characters in Run 3. Other than the Skater, the costumes don't affect gameplay and are simply cosmetic. Only Runner, Student, and Caveman are unlocked at the start, while you unlock the rest in Adventure mode, on levels 5 (Lizard), 10 (Gentleman), 20 (Zombie), 30 (Angel), and 50 (Skater).

Platforms Edit

Run is available on most web browsers that support the latest version of Flash. It can be found on any flash game website, but most content, like bonus costumes and browsing edited levels won't be available. Though you can still load shared Level IDs.

Difficulty Edit

Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard
The levels of Run 1.
0 5 17 11 5 4 2 1 3 2 0 0 0

Gallery Edit

Kongregate Achievements Edit

  • Hop, Skip and a Jump

Complete Level 10 on "Adventure Mode"

  • I Ran So Far Away

Complete all 50 levels in "Adventure Mode"

  • Infinite and Beyond
Complete a level with at least 90 difficulty in "Infinite Mode"
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