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Crumbling tiles

The Skater, navigating IM Level 39


Run 3, known simply as "Run." for Android and less excitedly as "Run..." for iOS, is the third game of the Run trilogy. It originally released to Google Play on December 11th, 2013. It would later come to Congregation as a Flash game on June 5th, 2014. Run 3 is the least popular out of the entire series, with the most popular being Run: The Movie.

On release it was little more than a remake of the original Run. Through a stream of consistent updates throughout the years, however, the title has evolved a distinct entry into the series with a plethora of unique gimmicks, characters, and an overarching plot.

Main Modes

Explore Mode

More information on Explore Mode can be found on its designated page.

From the first set of levels - the Main Tunnel - lies a series of level sets that are (mostly) all connected. Explore Mode has the player finding and mapping out every last one of them. There are currently 309 levels accessible from this mode across 21 level sets.

The entirety of the plot (mostly) takes place in this mode alone.


Infinite Mode

More information on Infinite Mode can be found on its designated page.

Unlike the Infinite Mode of Run 1, this version has you playing through a randomized selection of 325 pre-built levels. Every meter you travel is kept track of and displayed on the top left - the goal to get as far as possible before failing a level. The highest distances are saved to a leader board viewable from the main menu.

Power Cells are scattered throughout every level in this mode. Their frequency and value increase alongside your distance. Achievements exclusive to this mode can be redone for Power Cells as well.

A complete list of Infinite Mode levels can be found in the Infinite Mode Gallery.


More information on the Shop can be found on its designated page.

Characters, costumes, Infinite Mode-related upgrades, a cutscene, and the Level Editor can be purchased here with Power Cells. Every item has a short description beside it unique to the Shop.

Level Editor

More information on the Level Editor can be found on its designated page.

Make the level. Play the level.

Become the level. Impregnate the level.

Do you have what it takes?


The game better resembles Run 1 with levels that take on the form of tunnels and are (mostly) comprised of tiles. Returning from Run 2, however, is a selection of unique characters to play as and various types of platforms that behave differently when stepped on.


Runnler - Much to her name, she runs.

Senator - A fast politician with a low jump height and strafe.

Anti-Skater - A lasagna demon who can maintain extreme speeds by using blast force from the nukes he has.

Marty - A slow dude with a high jump height.

Easter Bunny™️ - The fastest character with a high jump height and the inability to stop jumping.

Rabbit - The second fastest character with a high jump height and the inability to stop jumping.

4 Year Old LIL' FEISTY - A slow character and an even slower faller. He weighs too little to knock out crumbling tiles.

Jhontleman - A aristocrat that can magnetize himself to nearby Power Cells.

Duplicator - Not just a character - but a racist, too. Duplicates emerge from him that can be used as platforms or a respawn.

Pastafarian - A character that can cross the void with her bridge of light. Make sure to stay near platforms.

Stud - A character with exceptionally low stats across the board. She can flip gravity.

Angle - An isosceles triangle with slightly less exceptionally low stats across the board. It can dash mid-air and glide safely to the ground afterwards.


Crumbling - An unstable tile that will begin to fall when too much weight is applied to it. Every adjacent crumbling tile will follow suit.

Ice - A cold tile that increases a character's maximum speed at a decrease to strafing ability. This effect lasts only as long as one is on the tile.

Box - It's not just a tile: it's a box. It is 3D. You can change gravity on it's sides.

Glow - A tile that is lighter than the standard tile. It shines in the dark.

Conveyor tiles:

Fast - A forwards driven conveyor. Speeds up a character massively.

Slow - A backwards driven conveyor. Slows down a character massively.

Right - A rightwards driven conveyor. Sends a character quickly to the right and rotates the level anti-clockwise by 18 degrees.

Left - A leftwards driven conveyor. Sends a character quickly to the left and rotates the level clockwise by 18 degrees.


Very easy
Not too easy
Almost medium
Over medium
Above medium
Fairly hard
Extra hard
Insanely hard

The levels of Run 3. This count may not be 100% accurate as there may be some pages missing difficulty categories.

0 6 18 38 21 45 46 40 81 57 4 6 7
Run3-avatar-02 2 0

Runner avatar on Coolmath

Run3-avatar-01 2

Skater avatar on Coolmath


  • The fonts used are "Comfortaa" for the title and majority of the game, and "Luckiest Guy" for the Angel Missions Going Home Checklist
  • According to the creator, Player_03, there are only 3 websites where Run 3 is consistently updated. Those are:
  • On Coolmath Games, there are two profile pictures available that are from Run 3.
    • Runner can be obtained by getting a premium account or by reaching Level 32 on your account.
    • Skater can only be obtained by getting a premium account.
  • Also on Coolmath Games, 1200 XP can be obtained for your account by playing the game for 2 hours.
  • The soundtrack was created by Jesse Valentine, now known as... Jesse Valentine.
Run 3
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