Unreleased Level This level is unreleased!

This level is unreleased. Players would have to wait until the next (few) scheduled update(s) in order to play the level. There is proof in the code of the game for this level existing.

On this page, feel free to add requests about Ideas and requests about what you would want for the future game of "Run 4".

Editors and moreEdit

The most general idea is where you can create, edit, and customize your own cutscenes. You can add characters by moving around the provided sprites and you zoom in and out to make it look like they are closer to the camera. There will also be a selection for the Tunnel (setting) you want to have it in. There will be a toolbar that has speech bubbles to make your character speak. Last but not least, you click home and then it will give you options to save and give your cutscene a name. Another is "The Character Customizer:. This will let you create your character from just a simple plain black sprite to an alien in your imagination. There will be a selection of what traits your character will have such as, antennae, bunny ears or a flower or any accessory. Then you will pick what color the character will have. The last steps are adding the eyes and the mouths and after that, you will get to name your character and save it in your collection. 

Character IdeasEdit

Add an idea.

Main character- Runner, same as run 3 but no costumes

The runner is married to the Angel, both are same as in Run 3

Runner+Angel's kids- two of them, both runner/angel hybrids.

  • Cartographer-plays like Runner, but can glide
  • Engineer-plays like Angel and can dash but can't glide, and single-jump high

Pastafarian and Skater's kids-three of them, all Pastafarian/Skater hybrids

  • Roller Skater- Skater with roller skates and light bridge
  • Noodle- Pastafarian without her bridge, slightly faster than Pastafarian
  • Light Skater- Skater with lightbulbs on his head, incidentally, can see in the dark. Develops bridge after failing level twenty times

Story Edit

The Angel and his group have made it home. The Pastafarian left and rescued the Runner and her group (so they are home too). Yet all the characters are filled with a longing to return to the tunnels...

None of them can, but their children hear the stories, return to the tunnels, and attempt to find the Student.

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