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This feature or version of Run 3 has been known to feature a bug or glitch. Please attempt or try it with caution!!!

Run Mobile is the mobile variant/version of Run 3 and released on December 11, 2013; about 7 months before its public web release and has garnered over 10 million downloads. It has some advantages and disadvantages compared to the Flash version. For general information that affects both versions, see here. The advantages/disadvantages are shown below.


While normal achievements are in-game much like the web version, there are a handful picked out for Google Play and Apple that award you XP or PTS. There are 2 Kongregate achievements, 6 Google Play achievements, and 9 Apple achievements.


Google Play


  • Galactic Vandalism - 20 PTS
  • A Breath of Fresh Nothing - 40 PTS
  • The Conscientious Lizard - 60 PTS
  • Thoroughly Lost - 40 PTS
  • A Journey of 1000 Light-Years - 40 PTS
  • Slipping and Sliding to Victory - 40 PTS
  • Tetrahedron Enthusiast - 60 PTS
  • Boldly Gone - 100 PTS
  • A Glimpse of New Places - 100 PTS


  • The game can be played without Wi-Fi, unless you have data on Web version.
  • The Duplicator can be unlocked for free by signing in to Kongregate in Tyrant Unleashed and beating mission 11.
  • The Pastafarian and Gentleman can be unlocked for free by signing in to Kongregate in Little Alchemist and defeating the fourth boss.


  • There is no level editor. Player 03 will add one in a future update, however, there will be no way of sharing levels with others.
  • The controls are (arguably) harder to use.
  • The Duplicator and Pastafarian otherwise cost 25000 power cells each instead of 6000.
  • The game can often freeze up or crash. This might be solved by turning off Wi-Fi.
  • Occasional ads will pop up. Ads pop up on Kongregate, but they do not stop gameplay.
  • There is no restart button. In the Flash version, you can hit the R key to restart the level.


  • If you have previously unlocked the achievements after transferring data from the web version, you won't be able to unlock their respective Google Play or Apple achievements.
  • For bugs that affect both versions, go here.

Data Transfer Between Two Kongregate Accounts

Interestingly, your own Google Play or Apple account has its own game data that saves at certain points. When a Kongregate account is connected, mobile will keep that save on your device. If you disconnect your main Kongregate account from the app and connect a new one, that new account will obtain all the unlockables and power cells from your mobile save, assuming you don't already have Run data on it.