Run Mobile is the mobile variant/version of Run 3. It has some advantages and some disadvantages compared to the Flash version. For general information that affects both versions, see here. The advantages/disadvantages are shown below.


  • There are seven songs in the soundtrack instead of six on the Web (Flash) version. The extra one is Map of the Stars.
  • Achievement Living Superball awards 200 power cells instead of 150.
  • The game can be played without Wi-Fi, unless if you have data on Web version.
  • The Duplicator can be unlocked for free by signing in to Kongregate in Tyrant Unleashed and beating mission 11.
  • The Pastafarian can be unlocked for free by signing in to Kongregate in Little Alchemist and defeating the fourth boss.


  • There is no level editor. Player 03 will add one in a future update, however, there will be no way of sharing levels with others.
  • The game is not updated - the last update on iOS was in April 2018, February 2018 for Android, while the last update for Flash was in August 2018.
  • The controls are (arguably) harder to use.
  • The Duplicator and Pastafarian cost 25000 power cells each instead of 6000.
  • The game will often freeze and occasionally crash. This can be solved by turning off Wi-Fi.
  • Occasional ads will pop up. Ads pop up on Kongregate, but they do not stop gameplay, as they are outside the Adobe Flash Player section of the page.
  • There is no restart button. In Flash version, you can hit the R key to restart the level.
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