Introduction Edit

This is Level 8 of Run 2 played by the Skater.

Gameplay Edit

This is a fairly simple level. The gaps aren't long at all, and there's not much else to say here other than the platforms are pretty long. Overall, you should get through this level without a problem.

One thing that might get to you is finding a route. New players might fail at this level if they see the platform end and then panic. Just be prepared to jump onto the next platform.

Bonus Edit

After you start the level, take the path to the right. Then, jump to the top of the platform to your right, and jump to the top of the platform left of that, where the bonus is. It may take a few tries, but it's not too hard.


The name is a play on words on "walk the plank". However, you are actually skating, rather than running as the level name might suggest.

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