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Self Assembly is the 21st cutscene in Run 3, or the 23rd if counting the cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. It is a minor cutscene.


Upon clicking on the first level of the New Tunnel, a cutscene will start, featuring the Child and the Duplicator. The Child notices a tunnel branching out from the Low-power Tunnel, and says how it wasn't there before, but was instead just a couple pieces floating in space. The Duplicator then says that the tunnels are alive, and the Child thinks that it is a "baby tunnel". Suddenly the Duplicator begins to worry that the tunnels could be listening to their conversation as the two of them concluded that the tunnels were alive. The Duplicator tells the Child to quickly evacuate toward the new tunnel and they both jump out of the tunnel. He tells the Child that they could talk in the New Tunnel because newborns can't understand speech.