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This is a transcript of the cutscene Self Assembly.

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Location: Low-Power Tunnel, part 15                      Characters: Child, Duplicator

ChildFront (Faces the Duplicator) Dad! Dad! Look!
DuplicatorFront What, at the tunnel?

Camera starts zooming in

ChildFront That tunnel wasn't there before. Just a couple pieces were floating in space.
DuplicatorFront That can only mean one thing...

Camera zooms further

DuplicatorFront The Tunnels are alive!

Camera zooms even further

ChildFront So that's, like... a baby tunnel?
DuplicatorFront Exactly.

Camera zooms even further

DuplicatorFront (Jumps off platform) Oh no... If the Tunnels are alive, they could be listening to us! Quickly, into the new tunnel!

Camera zooms even further

DuplicatorFront (Continues falling) We can talk there.
ChildFront (Jumps off platform and starts to fall) Um, why?
DuplicatorFront Because newborns can't understand speech. Hurry!

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