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"[...] I'll be famous for being the best dictator ever. And I'll come back here with really fancy skates, and I'll beat the world record for the Summer Games, broadcasted live to thousands of my voters so they'll vote me for office. And then I'll overthrow the President and become Emperor!" (Too Fast)

The Senator is a major character in the Sigma balls series, appearing in all 3 either as an unlockable or as a starting character. He likes to challenge himself and will happily attempt to pass a level the hard way just to improve his skills. He claims to have finished 49 "laps" presumably meaning he's been re-elected as Senator 49 times.


Run (Kongregate Version)[]

Unlocked after beating Level 50, the Senator is largely the same as he is in future installments. His skates enable him to jump slightly farther than any other costume and can skate along tiny gaps when needed, making him very useful for Infinite Mode.

Run 2[]

In Run 2, the Senator plays a little differently than Run 3. He doesn't get frustrated and has less of a difference from the Runner, however this is mostly because the Runner is completely different in Run 3. He moves fast and jumps farther with limited sideways movement. Similar to the Runner, he can use the wall jump trick. The Senator in this game is actually the Anti-Skater.

Run 3[]

The Senator can be unlocked by beating Level 10 or by buying him in the shop for 300 power cells. He is one of the fastest characters in the game at 19 m/s, third only to the Bunny at full speed and the Anti-Skater at minimum speed. He has a lower-than-average jump height, but his high speed means he can still jump extremely far. The Senator suffers from low maneuverability and struggles on levels where he has to move sideways often.

After failing a single level several times in a row, the Senator becomes frustrated and pushes himself harder until he quits, writes and passes a bill to get other people to do it for him, or beats the level. When pushing himself like this, his top speed matches the Bunny's.

Run 4D[]

The Senator gets headaches from the odd world he got summoned into by the Anti-Skater.


The Senator is always challenging himself and trying to find new ways to improve. He can be ignorant and oblivious at times - like in The Next Big Thing when he ignored the Angel's request to go home. Despite this, he's generally happy, joyful, and kind - and is easy to make friends with (after all, he needs supporters who will vote him for office). He's also willing to go out of his way to help others - as seen in Coming Through, Don't Question It and Senator and Pastafarian summon a time-travelling demon, where he protects his friends from the Anti-Skater. In return, all he asks is their undivided support and vote for when he runs (hehe) for President. However, he can also be a pushover - making him hard to deal with. After all, a good dictator has to abuse and take advantage of the people beneath them to get what they want. He can get aggressive if you fail a level too many times (or you dont vote for him) - and will go as fast as the Bunny. This is also seen in Don't Knock It when he yells at the Angle. He has a somewhat low intelligence but is a good problem solver - whether he decides to be strategic or use brute force.

He is approximately 16 years old and likes to live life freely - as seen when he says he's going to stop attending school in Truancy. He also has an interest in trying new things - like when he tried ice skating. The Senator circumnavigated the entire Planet and met everyone there but nobody remembered his name during the elections, which is why he lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump - which leads him to feel jealous of the Runner who got fame because of her mapmaking and construction skills. He is apparently still close to his family, but has never been gone for as long as in Run 3's plot. The Angel refers to him as the Politician.


The Senator has one unlockable costume, a Summer costume.

Ice Senator[]

"Everyone tries new things sometimes." -In-game description


I told you Jack! You can't hurt me!

The Ice Senator is unlocked by beating the Summer Games, which is found branching off Level 15. Alternatively, it can be bought in the shop for 500 power cells.

When in this costume, the Senator gains a massive strafing boost on ice. Otherwise he will jump slightly higher with worse strafing on normal tiles.


The Senator appears the same as a normal Alien, but his legs are somewhat shorter due to being squished into his white skates, which he uses to skate for politics(apparently more efficient). They are shaped like human shoes and have three red rollers each. He is also slightly smaller than the adults and animals. He also has two eyes so he can spy on his people twice as effectively. His lack of antennae is due to a failed assassination attempt.

The Ice Senator wears an all red bobble cap with a pair of antennae built in, and switches his skates for ice skates with two white blades on each. This costume is used to get winter athletes to vote for him.


Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability

Ability rating
Jump length
Jump height
Special ability


Planning Makes Perfect - Finish part 4 of the River without jumping and without using any tunnel-powered abilities. (For instance, the Senator's skates are allowed, yet the Duplicator's duplicates are not.)

Sleep-Skating - Beat Level 7 without moving sideways or jumping.

Ramping Up - Beat part 16 of the Summer Games without jumping. (Hint: ice skates may help!)

Crush the opposition - Dislodge at least 40 tiles in Level 53.

A Glimpse of New Places - Locate the Wormhole


The Senator appears in 15 (16 Included If Counting The Upcoming Ones) of the 69 cutscenes (69 is the total number of cutscenes if including all of the hidden, Upcoming and optional ones). Here is a full list of his appearances throughout the story in chronological order.

Infinite Mode Trivia[]

  • Since he wanders so much, there was a brief time when the Senator had met everyone on the Planet.
  • The Senator likes to travel, but mostly he just hates losing an election.
  • Tunnel running could be the next big sport, and the Senator intends to get a head start by appealing to them to get more votes.
  • The Senator’s philosophy: challenging yourself helps you improve. Once you improve, you can challenge yourself even more and gain more power in office!
  • He enjoys challenging himself almost as much as he enjoys getting votes fast.
  • The Senator is faster than anyone here. Well, maybe not that rabbit, but animals don’t count, thanks to constitution bill #69420.
  • The Senator takes a few minutes each day to maintain his skates. His last pair ran out at a bad time, causing him to lose an election, and he can't afford to lose this pair.
  • Ramps convert speed into votes. Guess who benefits most?
  • What do you mean I got a medal for completing the summer games??

Other Trivia[]


senator's alpha design

  • The Senator is assumed to carry rings with him by the Student.
  • During the cutscene Truancy, the Senator is seen taking off his skates, presumably for maintenance.
  • The Senator is the first character in Run 3 to have his own theme, Unsafe Speeds.
  • The Senator is in an upcoming cutscene, Playing With Fire.
  • The Senator is the only "human" alien in the game seen sitting down without splitting his legs apart. Outside of the game, the Demagogue has also been seen sitting like this.
  • In the alpha, he was known as the "Skater" and had a different design.


Normal Skater in Infinite

The Senator in infinite mode

Screenshot 2024-06-09 161024

The Senator in The River

Screenshot 2024-06-09 161323

The Senator in Winter Games

Sprite sheets[]

The thinking Senator is unused, along with the waving, select pose after the "T-Pose", the angry one, and an earlier version of his sprite in "Batteries".

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