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Sneaking is a cutscene in Run 3. It is the 50th cutscene in the game not including the optional cutscenes and hidden cutscenes.

This is a minor cutscene.


After beating Not the Way Back, part 5, a cutscene will start featuring the Angel and the Child. The Angel is saying that this was not the right way and he could've sworn that this was the correct way.

Meanwhile, the Child is hiding in the background, and the Angel notices. Then the Angel says, "Does your father put you up to this?" and goes on talking about all his sneaking, asking if his father puts him up to it or he just wants to do it.

The Child just says he has a question for the Angel. And then the Angel says, "Is that really the best excuse you can think of?" He goes on asking if he had a question every single time the Child was spying on the Angel.

The Child says that's only a game. He says his dad calls it "Conspircy," but it's really just Hide-and-Seek. This refers to the cutscene Conspiracy. Then, the Angel says if the Child knows his dad is a liar, and he also says that there may be hope for him yet.

Then, the Angel says the Child is off the hook this time, and there's no hard feelings.

After the Angel leaves, the Child shouts that he didn't get to ask his question yet, or kick him.


  • Since the Child said "Conspircy" instead of conspiracy, we know that the Child is quite young. This also happens in the cutscene Conspiracy.
  • The Child does not have his balloon in this cutscene. This DOES NOT mean this is after Boat Ride, as it is stated in Infinite Mode that he hides his balloon when spying on others.