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This is a transcript of the cutscene Sneaking.

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Location: Not the Way Back, part 2
Characters: Angel, Child

ChildFront (Hiding behind a tile and spying on the Angel)
AngelFront (Looking around) Well, this isn't the right way.
AngelFront (Walks around) I could have sworn...
AngelFront (Continues walking)
AngelFront (Notices that the Child was watching him) Does your father put you up to this?


AngelFront (Turns around, facing in the direction which the Child is in) All this sneaking around. Do you do it because you want to, or because your father tells you to?
ChildFront (Emerges from his hiding place) I got a question for you, that's all.
AngelFront Is that really the best excuse you can think of? You've been spying on me for ages now. Did you have questions all those times too?
ChildFront (Starts walking towards the Angel) That's only a game. Dad calls it "Conspircy," but it's really Hide-and-Seek.
AngelFront Oh!
ChildFront (Continues walking towards the Angel)
AngelFront So you know your father is a liar? There may be hope for you yet!
ChildFront (Continues walking towards the Angel, but then stops)
AngelFront (Starts walking away from the Child) You're off the hook. No hard feelings.
AngelFront (Disappears from scene)
ChildFront Hey, wait! I didn't even get to ask my question!
ChildFront Or kick you!

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