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This is a transcript of the cutscene Something Weird.

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Location: Box Storage Area, part 6                                 Characters: Student

The first step is to notice something weird.

StudentFront (Notices a box with a yellow ring)
StudentFront (Jumps over to the platform of boxes)
StudentFront (Lands on the boxes)
StudentFront (Walks over to the box with the ring and looks down at it)

The next few steps can be summarized as "mess around and see what happens." 

StudentFront (Begins jumping on the box with the ring, making it loose)
StudentFront (Stops jumping and grabs hold of the ring)
StudentFront (Makes her way down the side of the box with the ring)
StudentFront (Accidentally looses grip of the ring)
StudentFront (Begins falling into space but manages to grab hold of the ring with one of her arms)
StudentFront Oops.
StudentFront (Climbs back up the box)
StudentFront Hmm...
StudentFront (Tries pushing the box away from the other boxes)
StudentFront (Successfully pushes the box away from the others)
StudentFront (Falls off the box into space)
StudentFront (Continues falling)

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