The Soundtracks in the Run Trilogy was made by various artists in all 3 games. Music is another page describing this.

Run 1 Edit

In Run 1, there is only one song and plays during Adventure Mode, Infinite Mode, and the Level Editor. The soundtrack name is titled "Space Theme" in the game's credits. The artist is unknown according to the credits in-game.

You can download the song as soon as you click the text in the credits.

Run 2 Edit

Similar to Run 1, Run 2 only has one track, which is a remixed version of "Space Theme". The title of this track is "Run 2 theme", which was composed by DietSnapple135.

Clicking on the text downloads the song as well.

Run 3 Edit

Run 3 - Soundtrack Picture

OST cover

Compared to its predecessors, Run 3 has more tracks (7 total) which were all by Jesse Valentine, also known as F-777.

Here's a list of the soundtracks you can hear in the game. Listen to them here.

  1. "Travelling the Galaxy"
  2. "Unsafe Speeds" (This track replaces Traveling the Galaxy when playing as the Skater)
  3. "Wormhole to Somewhere"
  4. "Crumbling Walls"
  5. "The Void"
  6. "Map of the Stars"
  7. "Leaving the Solar System"

Versions Edit

As of now, Run 3 on all computer versions only have 6 tracks, missing "Map of the Stars". On Run Mobile, however, all soundtracks seem to be present.

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