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Cutscene Transcript


Stop Solving Problems is the 59th cutscene in Run 3, if counting all of the previous hidden and optional cutscenes.

This is a major cutscene.


After beating Launch Site A, a cutscene starts, starring the Duplicator and the Angel. The Angel is in the flying boat while the Duplicator is on the floor. The Duplicator is angry. The Duplicator asks him if he thinks he can get away with spoiling his son. The Angel asks what he was doing wrong. The Duplicator says that he pushed him off the boat. The Angel disagrees, saying that the Duplicator jumped off. Then the Duplicator says that he left him behind. The Angel says that he didn't have enough time so he had to make adjustments. The Duplicator says that after he got separated from the Child, the Angel got him a new balloon the moment the Child asked for it. The Duplicator also reminds the Angel the time when he flew out of nowhere and flew them across the big gap found in Of Course and Boat Ride.

He asks what lesson the Angel is teaching to his son.The Angel says he is teaching him how to solve problems. The Duplicator says he is teaching his son how to not solve problems. He says that his son will think that if he waits long enough someone will come and solve his problems for him. He says that his Child is starting to trust the Government. The Angel says that the even the Government is a better role model than the Duplicator. The Duplicator says that the Angel can't talk to his son and no more problem solving and give his son a chance to learn.