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This is a transcript of the cutscene Stop Solving Problems.

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Location: Launch Site A                                 Characters: Angel, Duplicator

AngelFront (From the ship) Yes?

DuplicatorFront Get down here so I can yell at you!

AngelFront (Sailing away) I'm busy, go away.

DuplicatorFront (Chasing) Do you think you're going to get away with it?

The screen comes to a halt.

DuplicatorFront (Raising arms) I said, do you think you're-

AngelFront (Moving closer) I heard!

DuplicatorFront So?

AngelFront So it's a stupid question!

AngelFront What am I supposedly "getting away with"?

DuplicatorFront You kicked me off that hovercar thing!

AngelFront You jumped off. I told you not to.

DuplicatorFront Then you left me behind!

AngelFront I warned you about wasting my time.

AngelFront You're lucky I'm multitasking right now.

DuplicatorFront Then after you separated me from my son...

DuplicatorFront You went and found him another balloon the moment he asked!

The ship begins to quickly sail away.

DuplicatorFront And don't forget that time you appeared out of nowhere and flew us across that big hole!

DuplicatorFront What kind of lessons do you think you're teaching my son?

AngelFront (Briefly stopping) How to solve problems.

DuplicatorFront No, you aren't!

DuplicatorFront You're teaching my son not to solve problems!

DuplicatorFront You're teaching him that if he waits long enough, someone else will come along and solve his problems for him!

DuplicatorFront You don't even care that he's starting to trust the Government!

AngelFront So what?

AngelFront The Government may be a bunch of idiots, but they're still better role models than you.

DuplicatorFront (Raising arms) That's it, no more talking to my son!

DuplicatorFront And no more problem-solving, either!

DuplicatorFront Give him a chance to learn.

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