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Student Teacher is the 14th cutscene in Run 3, or the 16th if counting the optional cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. This is a minor cutscene.


Upon clicking on the Power Cell doodle on the map, a cutscene will begin in Level U-2 in which the Gentleman seeks advice from the Student. The Gentleman tells the Student that instead of Power Cells being attracted to the electromagnet in his hat, they pull him toward them. He asks if he might have installed the electromagnet in backwards. The Student tries not to laugh, showing that she already knows the answer.

The Student tells the Gentleman that "finding something unexpected" is step one of the scientific method, and step two is thinking of a reason. The Student says that they need to test his theory, so she tells him to turn around while she brings a power cell out of her backpack. She turns it on and tosses it toward the middle of the Tunnel.

The Gentleman flies toward it and goes off the screen. He presumably fell out of the tunnel as he reappears back at the beginning of the tunnel. He runs toward the Student, shouting angrily how he was shocked that she would abuse his trust and demanded that she tell him before doing anything similar again. The Student apologizes, saying that she thought he realized what she was doing. She asks him what he learned from the test, to which the Gentleman responds, "That you are not to be trusted!" and "That you consider me a grade school child!" He finally agrees that they learned that electromagnets work in all directions. The Student also brings up that there was a delay between when she tossed the battery and when it started pulling, but the Gentleman didn't seem to notice. She suggests repeating the experiment, this time with the Gentleman looking, but he refuses. As he leaves, he says, "I will retain this this power cell as compensation for your insult."


  • The power cell can be any color, and may change if the cutscene is watched multiple times. However, the power cell will always be yellow when the Student is holding it.
  • If you watch the cutscene at least up to the part where the Gentleman flies toward the power cell before skipping, you will get a power cell. But if you skip from the beginning, you will not get a power cell.
  • The actual definition of a student teacher is a college student standing in as a substitute teacher.
  • According to the Galaxy Map, the Child was spying on this event. He isn't visible in the cutscene however.