Cutscene Transcript


This is a transcript of the cutscene Student Teacher.


Location: Level U-2                             Characters: Gentleman, Student, Child.

ChildFront.png (Hiding in the background)

GentlemanFront.png As I'm sure you're well aware, I installed an electromagnet into my top hat in order to draw in power cells.

StudentFront.png Just say "batteries"...

GentlemanFront.png Yet the outcome has been the inverse of my intent. Instead of the power cells being drawn in as they ought, I find myself moving towards them.

GentlemanFront.png Might I have installed the electromagnet backwards?

StudentFront.png (Trying not to laugh) Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Don't laugh.

StudentFront.png That's does seem odd, doesn't it? But don't worry. Finding something unexpected is the first step!

StudentFront.png Step two is coming up with a possible reason.

GentlemanFront.png Pardon me, but step two of what exactly?

StudentFront.png The scientific method, of course!

StudentFront.png You should remember this from school.

GentlemanFront.png ...

StudentFront.png ...

StudentFront.png Anyway! Why do you think the batteries pull you around?

GentlemanFront.png Because as I said, the electromagnet may be facing in the wrong direction.

StudentFront.png (Begins taking off backpack) Well ok, if you say so. Fortunately, it's easy to test.

GentlemanFront.png How so?

StudentFront.png Turn around, and turn on the magnet.

GentlemanFront.png (Turns around) How exactly will-

StudentFront.png (Reaches in her backpack) Hold on a second, I need to grab a battery.

StudentFront.png (Holds up the battery) Got it!

StudentFront.png (Throws the battery and falls to the ground)

The Power cell floats in the middle of the tunnel

GentlemanFront.png (Flies toward the battery and off the screen)

StudentFront.png (Puts backpack back on)

GentlemanFront.png (Reappears at the beginning of the tunnel)

StudentFront.png (Turns around to see the results of the test)

GentlemanFront.png (Walks closer to the Student) Of all the- I am astounded that you would abuse my trust in this manner!

StudentFront.png Huh?

GentlemanFront.png I demand that you consult with me before performing any such action!

StudentFront.png Oh, sorry. I thought you realized.

StudentFront.png Anyway, that was a good test! What did we learn?

GentlemanFront.png That you are not to be trusted!

StudentFront.png And?

GentlemanFront.png That you consider me a grade-school child.

StudentFront.png I'm asking if electromagnets work in all directions.

GentlemanFront.png I suppose one could say that.

StudentFront.png Oh, and did you notice the delay?

GentlemanFront.png Which delay?

StudentFront.png I said "Got it" when I tossed the battery, but it took a few seconds to start pulling.

StudentFront.png How about the way the battery slowed suddenly, just before the magnet turned on? No, wait, you'd have to have been looking. Let's do it again with you watching!

GentlemanFront.png (Turns away) I have had enough of this. If you cannot provide a solution, I shall take my leave.

GentlemanFront.png (Walks away) I will retain this power cell as compensation for your insult.

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