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Introduction Edit

The achievement "Topaz Snake" was first suggested on this wiki, on The Crystal Gallery, part 1. Let's make suggestions to Player 03 for changes to Run 3 or any future Run games. To suggest an idea, add a line to the appropriate table with your suggestion and your name after it. Since this is an Anonymous User suggestion page, instead of usernames, IP addresses will be put in. To find your IP address, go to your account page and copy and paste the long number/code at the top of the page next to your blank profile photo.

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Status of Suggestions Edit

Status is either pending, accepted, rejected, likely, under consideration, partially accepted, partially rejected, not possible, unlikely or already done.

  • Pending means that it is unknown whether the idea will be used (should be automatically added to a new suggestion).
  • Accepted means this idea has been added to the game or Player 03 says he will add it.
  • Rejected means that it will not be used.
  • Likely means that there is a very high chance that Player 03 will use the idea.
  • Under consideration means Player 03 might or might not use the idea.
  • Partially accepted means it will be used but with a few changes.
  • Already done means it is already a feature in the game.
  • Not possible means it can't be done or Player 03 already tried and failed.
  • Partially rejected means most of it will be rejected with a few small parts accepted or with major changes to the idea.
  • Unlikely means it probably won't happen.

Note: Please, if you can, add your suggestions straight to the table, rather than posting in the comments. This is to avoid having too many comments because rows of the table can be deleted but comments cannot except by Admins and Discussion Mods. Also, please add them to the bottom of the corresponding table so Mods can easily see which ones are new and which ones are not. Thank you!

Suggestions Edit

Achievements Edit

Note: Please make sure it is possible before you add it to the list.

Name Requirement Reward (power cells) Creator (IP address) Status
Power Outage Using the Gentleman's ability at least 5 times, go 1000m in Infinite Mode without collecting a single power cell. (Note that using his ability doesn't mean actually collecting the power cell. You just have to fly through the air.) 500 Partially accepted
Really Flying?! Travel 100 meters while using the Gentleman without touching anything. 250 Under consideration
Box Collecting Beat Box Storage Area, part 2 by only touching the normal tiles and boxes. 150 2600:1010:B04E:B5AD:CD2:2A7B:C8B7:8558, name by Plain Toast Likely
Slippery Situation Beat Level U-1 without touching the ice tiles. The first few tiles don't count. 125 2601:647:4701:5586:4D:D7F6:65B8:2EEA or

2600:1012:B118:F5F:917E:296E:9E4B:9AD9, same person

The Conscientious Duplicator Beat The Way Back, part 11 without dislodging any tiles 200 2601:647:4701:5586:4D:D7F6:65B8:2EEA or

2600:1012:B118:F5F:917E:296E:9E4B:9AD9, same person

Under consideration
Extra Gravity Beat Memory Evaluation, part 1 without jumping 2601:647:4701:5586:46B:1053:5BDE:CBB4, Tanline666 for the name Under consideration
Architect Beat all the Bridge Building boxes, including the optional ones. 150 2601:647:4701:5586:9DEA:718E:67A0:E1B9, Name by NP101 Pending
Don't Try This at Home Beat level B-5 without dislodging any tiles 2601:647:4701:5586:880E:21A1:AA20:4BCA Pending
Saved By The Power Cells Use the Gentleman to get saved by a power cell. 50 Under consideration
Almost dead Ride a crumbling tile to the edge of space, then jump back to safety. 125 2601:2C4:57F:B5C1:D142:73C2:B8EE:C44F Under consideration
Living Anvil Dislodge 350 crumbling tiles in one infinite mode run. Using the Duplicator is not allowed. 2601:2C4:0:4A8:30A9:11B2:8A9:179C Pending
Spring Games Avoid the Ice tiles in IM 316. 75 Pending
Frozen Bunny Beat Level W2 without pressing the jump button 100 2A02:587:2C0E:9700:A023:6CE9:2A34:F36F Pending
Crazy Failure Lose in Launch Site C using The Duplicator 500 2A02:587:2C17:7400:9CE5:7AE6:6114:4427 Pending
Missed One Finish Level B-7 without dislodging any tiles. 150 Pending
Snow Bunny As the Skier or Bunny, complete Level T-2 while only touching ice tiles. (The first and every other tile you step on won't count against you.) 125 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The Conscientious Child Complete Level 54 as the Child without touching and crumbling tiles or rotating the tunnel. 150 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
Midair Marvel Use the Fashionista’s ability for every jump in Box Storage Area, Part 11 150 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
Dont Be Broken As The Skater Without Breaking The Crumbling Tiles In Level 51 150 Pending
Dust Bunny Dislodge all of the tiles in either A-4 or A-5. 100 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The Skaters Stunt Show Beat Level A-1 With The Skater By Only Touching Dislodging Tiles (The First Tiles Dont Count) 175 Pending
Living On The Edge As The Skier, Beat Level N-8 without jumping 300 Pending
Slip ‘n Slide In Level W-3, Complete the Level as the Bunny without pressing the jump button. 250 Pending
Its-a me, The Runner! Bang your head on the bottom of a tile using a crumbling tile 175 Pending
Run Run 50000 metres in infinite mode 7000 Pending
The Conscientious


Beat levels 1-10 in one run 150 by Kongregate player bobsr Pending
Impossible possibility Beat level I-5 500 by Kongregate player bobsr Pending
Zippity-zippity-hop! Beat plan C part 3 with the Bunny without dislodging any crumbling tiles. 300 by Kongregate player bobsr Pending
The Conscientious


Beat level C-3 using the gravity flip only once 150 by Kongregate player bobsr Pending
Bunny Swim As the bunny, beat The River, part 1 without pressing the jump button. Pending
The Conscientious Skater As The Skater(Or Ice Skater) Beat Level U-1 Without Touching The Ice Tiles(The First Ice Platform Do Not Count) 2500 Pending
Slowness is Bad Beat IM Level 299

Without Touching The Slow Conveyor Tiles

100 Pending
Try again, and again lose a total amount of 1000 times in infinite mode 300 know as the Cheez-it boi Pending
Just Wow Die in Launch Site A and Launch Site C 200 Pending
System Down Beat Level C-2 Without Using the Student's abilities 250 No clue Pending
Pannenkoek As the Bunny, beat Levels 1 through 15 without pressing jump or exiting the tunnel 150 - 250 ^

Same as |

Don't Jump Beat Plan C part 12 without pressing the jump button. (Doesn't mean that you can not jump) 150 DeAlmightyLlama Pending
Air is bad Beat Level 1 without jumping 25


Narrow hall Beat 6 IM levels without touching side keys. 250
Don't crumble Beat IM level 84 without dislodging a tile. 50
Only straight Beat IM 244 without moving sideways hint: use the student 50
It's hot Beat IM level 103 only on the ice the first tile doesn't count. 50

Tiles Edit

Suggestion Creator (IP address) Status
Pasta: it's basically in between a box and regular tile for size Pending

Characters / Costumes Edit

Suggestion Creator (IP address) Status
The Dinosaur is a costume for the lizard. It must be unlocked by beating 200 levels with the lizard,but they must be any tunnel but main tunnel, to avoid level 1 spammers. It makes the lizard faster and jump farther, but less jump height and 4/5 maneverability. Same AS the one for living anvil (person, not ip.) Pending
The Fashionista. This is the Duplicator’s wife and her special ability is that while she is slower than most characters, her ability is that she can hover in the air for every jump, for up to 5 seconds. She can also appear in the cutscene which introduces her. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The Eagle allows you to fly through a level when you hold the space bar. You can only use that ability once. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The Dolphin will be a character that you can use to swim fast in water levels in Run 4. It isn’t very fast on land. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The Cheetah has the ability to move faster than the Skater, then back to the Runner’s speed. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
A costume for the Gentleman called the President, with a stovepipe hat rather than a top hat, plus an Abe Lincoln beard. Special abilities: Longer flight time when attracting power cells, also flies slightly faster. Unlock it by beating the Memory Evaluation. Pending
a random dog you have to get to the dancer, one of the "authorities" the student's call talked about. you find the dog by beating 3 levels in sucsession without fail. w-3,

level x and t-5 as the bunny. you get a hidden achivement called How?!? in versions with it, and previous ones have 50 power cell achievement called Whaat. for doing any future version ones. the dog is unable to crumble tiles and you get the dancer for it who can respawn for free as the dancer, same horizontal tile only once

2604:3D09:87F:AB00:28E9:B1F2:4E0A:D3B2 Pending

Miscellaneous Edit

Suggestion Creator (IP address) Status
Have an R-Tunnel (R for Run) Pending
Cutscenes in which the Lizard and Bunny can finally talk and understand language. The Lizard should be revealed to be male and have a habit of mostly sleeping. The Bunny will be revealed to be female and she'll explain that she has a habit of mostly hopping. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
The ability to venture to other planet in future Run games. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
Aquatic levels in Run 4, where the Dolphin is the best character for these levels. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
Run: The Video Game, a video game that everyone can play, it is going to be pretty dissimilar to Run 4 with new controls and bosses. 2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
Give all of the characters human name, revealed in the suggested cutscene "The Second Grand Opening."


The Runner- Belle

The Skater- Robert

The Lizard- Rory

The Bunny- Hannah

The Gentleman- Arthur

The Duplicator- Mike

The Child- John

The Pastafarian- Marie

The Student- Melanie

The Angel- Andrew

2600:1700:60F0:9A0:8183:8C02:3A71:C468 Pending
A level called Level B-14 that comes after B-13 and is made up of the boxes that the Runner, Skater, and Student found during Bridge Building. Because of this, it can only be seen and accessed after beating Bridge Building. It leads to the N-Tunnel. (Note from NP101, this level should be optional as this level was going to be added but it was decided it was too hard.) Pending
Have The Prices Lowered For The Duplicator And The Pastafarian Lowered Down From 25000 Power Cells To 6000 Power Cells In The Mobile Version
An E-Tunnel branching off W-2, unlocked after beating the Coordination Challenge. Only playable as Gentleman. (inserted by Random Pro) Pending
Make it so you know when the Skater is going faster than normal. (inserted by Random Pro) Pending


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