Cutscene Transcript

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This is the transcript of the cutscene Thanks for Playtesting.

Transcript Edit

Location: Coordination Challenge 11              Characters: Pastafarian, Gentleman

(Gentleman and Pastafarian shake hands)
PastafarianFront No problem. I finished anyway.
GentlemanFront Oh.
GentlemanFront Congratulations. I thought I had you there.
GentlemanFront In any case...
GentlemanFront I'm afraid I've yet to build the remainder of this training course, but thank you for providing feedback on what currently exists.
GentlemanFront Your efforts were invaluable for identifying weaknesses in my product.
PastafarianFront It was fun! Thank you for giving me a place to blow off steam.
GentlemanFront If you have time, I constructed another set of challenges for which I could use feedback.
PastafarianFront Not right now. I should go touch base with the Runner.
PastafarianFront Speaking of whom, do you know where she went?

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