Introduction Edit

This is Level 6 of Run 2, played by the Runner.

Gameplay Edit

Getting through this isn't too much of a chore. All it needs is your knowledge so far about jumping, moving, changing gravity, and non-rotating faces. It is sort of a test level ensuring you have all the skills needed to beat the game. Take 1 Jump to the right, another one to catch on to the block above you, and then to the left, to the right, to the left, ending the level with taking 1 jump to the left.

Bonus Edit

Getting the Bonus is a little harder than just beating the level itself, but not too hard. Make sure you focus on the left side as soon as you start, jump on the left side of the rightmost vertical platform. Take the right branching point and then jump onto the large platform. You should see the Bonus waiting for you to drop down around the finish, just make sure to collect it or you will have to restart the level.

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