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Wormhole.png This tunnel is not yet released!

This tunnel is not yet released, but there is evidence that this exist in the game, and will probably be published later.


The Runway is an unreleased side tunnel that branches off Level C-9. There is proof in the code for it existing, although no one knows for sure when this tunnel will be released, but we do know that the going home arc is the main focus for now. It is nineteen levels long, currently at least.

It is also shown to be split into two sections, with the first part leading from "The Runway, part 1", to "The Runway, part 11", and the second part from "The Runway, part 12" to "The Runway, part 19". It is unknown why this happens, but surely, events like big gaps may be present during this tunnel. The Runner states that they may run into more gaps like the one between Level B-13, and Level N-1. Perhaps this is the reason the tunnel is split into two parts. This tunnel has actually been confirmed for release eventually, unlike the P-Tunnel, J-Tunnel, and K-Tunnel. This is probably because it would have a lot of story, so it would be set up (or at least settled) earlier than others.