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This is a transcript of the cutscene Truancy.

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Location: Level N-9
Characters: Skater, Student

SkaterFront (Looking into the distance) It's nice not to have school. Don't you think?
StudentFront Um...
StudentFront You know my name is "the Student," right? Does that sound like someone who hates school?
SkaterFront (Turns to face the Student) Then why not head back?
StudentFront (Stands up) School can wait. Science will not. If I figure out how the Tunnels work, I'll go down in history! But if I'm too slow, someone else will get the glory.
SkaterFront (Takes off one of his skates while listening)
SkaterFront (Puts skate back on and turns to face the Student) So call yourself "the Scientist."
StudentFront It's taken.
SkaterFront How about "the Mad Scientist"?
StudentFront How about no?
StudentFront (Looks away from Skater)
SkaterFront (Takes off other skate)
StudentFront (Turns back to face the Skater) Why don't you head back? You're missing out on your education.
SkaterFront No thanks. School is boring, so I'm just gonna skip a few years.
StudentFront That... isn't how it works.
StudentFront (Turns away) Anyway, I should get back to work.
SkaterFront (Puts other skate back on) Me too. Nice talking to you!
StudentFront I think I'm getting close to thinking of a good experiment...
StudentFront (Turns around) Wait, you have work to get back to?
SkaterFront (Starts skating away) Skating practice. Close enough.

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