Introduction[edit | edit source]

There are different types of levels in Run 3. This is a list of all the types of levels. (Basically their layouts.)

Holes in tunnel[edit | edit source]

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This type of level appears a lot in the earlier levels. Basically, it is a classic tunnel with lots of holes in it, making it easy and good for beginners. This level type does not appear in Run 2.

Example(s): Level 1, Level 3

Jumping along small platforms[edit | edit source]

Level 56

Winter Games, part 8

Some types of levels are jumping across platforms instead of navigating through holes, you jump across platforms. In this level type, you jump across small-sized platforms. They usually range from 1-10 tiles large, though it may vary in cases of extreme sizes of tiles.

Example(s): Level 23

Jumping along medium (size) platforms[edit | edit source]

In this type of level, you jump across platforms with a medium size. The platforms are usually about 10-20 tiles in size, though it may vary in cases of extreme sizes of tiles.

Example(s): Winter Games, part 8

Jumping along large platforms[edit | edit source]

In this level type, the player jumps across platforms that are quite large. The platforms are about 20-30 tiles in size, though it may vary in cases of extreme tile sizes.

Level 39

Example(s): Low Power Tunnel, part 2

Snake[edit | edit source]

In those levels, there is a path that winds around the level, often forking into multiple paths, like a snake. There are often a few or dozen snakes in the level, entwining within each other. There are also occasions where snakes are made up of Crumbling tiles, increasing the difficulty of the level.

Example(s): Level 24, Level 39

Hybrid[edit | edit source]

Level 38

What is a Hybrid? Hybrid is for levels with two or more features of different types, and it is hard to define which type it is, since there are two or more types that can be selected due to its special qualities.

For example, Level 38 is a hybrid level due to the fact that it can both be Ringed levels, Holes in tunnel levels and Jumping across large platforms. Therefore, Hybrid is selected for this level.

Level 20

Example(s): Level 38, Level B-9

Spiral[edit | edit source]

Those levels are spiral that goes side to side. The Skater is not the character for these levels, due to his low maneuverability. However, he can sometimes jump over the gaps. The Child is a bad choice too. This type of level can easily be recognized since it looks like a spiral indeed. Good characters for these are the Runner, Student, and Lizard.

Example(s): Level 20, Level 32

Ringed[edit | edit source]

Those levels are made out of lots of rings, forcing you to jump repeatedly. Most of the time, they are made out of Normal tiles, though occasionally other types of tiles are present.

Example(s): Level W-2, Level U-1

Level W-2

Run 2[edit | edit source]

Some level types are exclusive to Run 2.

Surrounding walls[edit | edit source]

In this type of level, walls surround the player, forcing them to constantly change gravity. The difference between this and spiral is that spiral is more round in shape and in this type, it is just square walls that surround the player.

Examples: First contact (with a wall), Run the Plank

Stepping stones[edit | edit source]

This level is a Jumping across platforms level, but the platforms are square-shaped and very close to each other.

Examples: Meet the Rectangular Platforms, Feeling Jumpy?

2 layers[edit | edit source]

This level has 2 layers of ground space, one above the other. So far, there is only one level of that type.

Example(s): Scribbles

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