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featured vandals Edit


(removing all content from page)

funny guy

fears me (probably alt of funny guy which is probably an alt of sophia)

"ya u right bro 😔"


knew it

other featured users Edit

hmm.. where did i come from Edit

discord i guess

hi Edit

you probably clicked on a random link from the staff page and ended up being here because you probably don't know me, or you just saw me edit stuff in wiki activity. i am a rollback discussion mod, which means i moderate discussions.

i probably got demoted since i didn't edit for 52 days.

run Edit

my levels Edit

what have ive done

low quality level 2

what have ive done 2

long jump

my level sets Edit

skier test (wip)

alternate universe thing Edit

it's called runswap

it's just like any other swap au's.

also, sophia helped, so i guess she's the co-owner

work in progress au (still)

runner - angel

skater - student

lizard - bunny

gentleman - pastafarian

duplicator - child (for now)

old oc's Edit

artist Edit

date created: april 28, 2019

gender: female

age: around 11

description: carries art supplies everywhere she goes, even if it's heavy. wants to be like her mother. places herself as the second best artist, the first being her mom. doesn't like to be criticized.

inspiration: a friend's pet peeve

box rider Edit

(originally unnamed, but people kept calling him the box, so uh)

date created: april 29, 2019

gender: male

age: slightly older than the artist

description: wants to be a pilot, made a propeller plane out of boxes that can glide for a little. if he was in the game, he would be very slow, has a mediocre jump that is enough for gliding for a short time. everytime he glides, he speeds up.


photographer Edit

date created: may 5, 2019

gender: male

age: younger than the runner, maybe 30-50

description: i don't usually have my own characters interact with canon characters, but he is a huge runner fan.

inspiration: cutscene

psychic Edit

date created: may 22, 2019

description: idk

new oc's Edit


cool paragraph

also btw Edit
you can add stuff on my profile as long as it's funny and minor Edit

i am you B)

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