Run Wikia


Hi! I am AK Cuber, and I am an admin on this wiki. I can answer questions about the run series, so if you like, you can leave a question on my wall or on Discord.


I first played Run 2 in 3rd grade, back in 2011. I was able to finish both Run 1 and Run 2, and then stopped playing the Run series. I came back in 8th grade with Run 3. I was able to "finish the game" until I realized the one I was playing on was not up to date. I played on Kongregate and finished the game at the end of 8th grade. This was when I found the wiki, in May 2017. My first edit was on the Gentleman page, where I described how the Gentleman can get a speed boost. I was an anonymous user back then, however.

Huggaso joined the wiki just before me, and together we started making level guides for the Main Tunnel. Derpface2227 also joined later, and within a month, the Main Tunnel, Winter Games, Low Power Tunnel and a few other side tunnels were finished.

My life

I am a Cuber, which means I solve Rubik's cubes. My record single on 3x3 is 15.065 seconds. I don't cube competitively, but I still cube at home and time solves.