Run Wikia

Hello! Let me introduce myself! I'm ??? (I'm not telling you my name :/) Here are some of the characters I created/thought of.

Writer: A Shy, Kind of derpy 14 year old alien. She Likes writing a lot and made 3 books about the tunnels and what they might hide. She eventually goes to explore herself But takes her notebook to write down interesting stuff. She wears glasses and has a notebook in her right hand.

Goth: An Emo, really smart, The 17 year old brother of Writer. He likes listening to music, being alone most of the time, and pranking his kid sister. After not finding her in the school where she usually hangs out, He follows her paper trail into the tunnels. He wears headphones and black eyeliner.

Aviator: The 30 year old aunt of writer and goth. She's usually busy most of the time flying airplanes, but she sometimes looks after the two when their parents fight and lash out at them for no reason. When she goes to check on them she sees goth heading into the tunnels and calls the cops on them when she couldn't stop him in time.

Other info about me: I'm a lesbian, My favorite character is the student, I like writing dumb theories and I like anime.

Stuff I might do..

  • Create a run fanfic?
  • Try to participate more
  • Be my weird self.