Welcome![edit | edit source]

Maybe you're here because you saw my name in the Wiki Activity page, or on the Staff page. I am an admin of the Run Wiki.

Current Goals on Run Wikia[edit | edit source]

Goal Progress
Help complete Operation Level Guide. Done!! Now we should do Huggaso's new project!
Introduce a "general gameplay guide" page (requires completion of some polls first). Sort of started.
Get Run 1 and Run 2 level pages done (I want a page for every level available, but this is too much for me to do by myself) I made a mostly-blank page for most of these. Only a few more to go!
Change the name of Category:Levels to Category:Run 3 levels. Never mind, it couldn't be done. We instead used "Levels" for everything, and made "Run 3 levels" for this/

Ok, you want to ask me some questions?[edit | edit source]

Do you? If so, you have come to the right place!

Q. What is your favourite category?

A. Category:Hard achievements

Q. What is your favourite page on this wiki?

A. A very secret page on this wiki, so secret that I can't provide a link to it. But here's a clue, go to the wall of the editor who has made the most all-time edits on this wiki.

Q. What's your favourite level of Run 3?

A. Box Storage Area, part 11.

Q. What's your favourite achievement in Run 3?

A. Gotta Go Slow, which is made by me. The general feedback is that it's easy, but I just wanted it to be fun.

Q. What is your favourite template on this wiki?

A. UnreleasedAch. Thanks to the Korean editor (sorry, my keyboard doesn't have Korean characters) for the picture.

Q. There are some suggestions on the Suggestions page. Which ones do you really want?

A. Achievements "Connect Four" and "Three In One" and a suggestion for "A Devil costume for the Angel".

Q. What is your main goal on this wiki?

A. Completing Huggaso's new project. Oh, I forgot what it's called. Never mind.

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