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Hello. That is all.

Hello! I am just a kid online who loves drawing and playing. I like chatting and talking a lot and I kind of like editing and getting notifications but I don't know why. I like Among us, Roblox and Run 3. You will see me in the among us and adopt me wiki too. I still have school yet on breaks I might be online. I am not a vandalizer but I may accidently do something to some pages... I am mostly active in the fanart page and other peoples' message walls. Have a good time in this wiki!

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Fan Art[edit | edit source]

Mine is the 19th section in fan art. Mine says, "HiYaPeepsYEET(I am Hello989250). Go to it and you will see my fan art. Here is the link: HiYaPeepsYEET

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Discord User[edit | edit source]

(You will find it on my profile up there↑)

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FuzzyPuppy(In the link above)

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