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Hello! I joined this wiki after being anonymous user for a while. I've played Run 3 for five years and discovered this wiki two years after I began playing Run 3.

Run 3 Info:

Characters I have: Runner, Skater, Lizard, Bunny, Gentleman, Child, Pastafarian, and all the costumes.

Characters I need to unlock: Duplicator, Student, and the Angel.

So far I've beaten every published level. Now I'm trying to earn hard achievements and messing around with the level editor.

Also, don't be afraid to stop by the message wall if you need something!

What I do to help

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You can come help edit what I'm doing!

Consistency of achievements, make them all sound like this:

(Insert name of achievement) is an in-game OR infinite mode Achievement in Run 3. This is found in Level OR IM Level.

Suggested characters:



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