• My birthday is November 17.
  • I try my hardest to add more content to this wiki.
  • I'm trying to earn everybody's trust and respect and so far I have a few friends.
  • My Kongregate account is supersingh213 so obviously my last name is Singh. I am Sikh (look up in Google if you don't know what that is) and my name obviously starts with L.
  • Thank you for the support everyone. Thank you Huggaso, GoBo15, Fivebee2, DerpFace2227, Player 03, andonggern, Chiptheblewcat, Aquastar3, Gutti Gut Maharaj, and anyone else I forgot for helping me.
  • My sandbox.
StudentFront.png I am available!

Ask me if you need something from me! I will respond as fast as possible. I will put out a notice if I am not available for a few days.

Questions and Answers:[edit | edit source]

Q: Why did you make this section?

A: I don't like this type of stuff but if any users have a question about me they can ask.

Q: Whats your name?

A: Its in plain sight. No hunt like Huggaso's.

Q: What's all this about giving names? I sure won't even consider giving my name out, and don't want to expose other people's names. (Hint: I'm one of the admins!)

A: I'll just give it straight. My name is Lovepreet.

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