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I discovered this!

I make lots of suggestions and stuff I guess.OH RIGHT I'M ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTORS TO THE RUN DISCORD SILLY ME!I am also always up for speculation involving the run series.I used to be an admin here,but a lack of activity got it taken away.I'm working on balancing my time to the wiki, the discord,and the games equally!

I also have started a project called RUN CLASSIC.(Oh and my name is Jaiden)

All of The Run 1 and 2 levels are technically complete, but these games are a little different to 100%,and just in general

Here are our goals

1.Rename the Run 2 levels

2.Add 2 pages called intense guide for the first two games

3.Add info on the names of run 2 levels,if they have any referecnes

4.Just add more info in general!

I'm also working on reviving Run Fannon!

Overall I'm pretty busy in the Run community,and in real life.If you need anything don't hesitate to ask! Treat me like an admin! But....without the admin powers...

QNA: Q:Why do you edit as a Fandom User and sign off with ~NP101? A:Because I'm in school, and to lazy to log in.

Q:Why have you been extremely active recently? A: Well...that's what happens when you start a new project after being gone for 3 months.

Q: why do you like my art so much A:Its good, and has a great style.

Q:why do you hate cool math games A:

Violation of Common Sense

I'm lazy

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