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School work is really heavy for me, so expect me to be pretty much inactive until Winter Break.


I am Random Pro. I play Run 3, and I think it is a fun game. I have completed all the levels on the Kongregate version. I help reverting vandalism on the wiki. Feel free to leave me a message on my message wall or to leave a question on my Q&A!

To do list:

Make split galleries for Main Tunnel, Run 1 and Run 2

Look at suggestions in achievements to filter out the too-hard ones + the ones which don't teach skill, might have to look at current achievements to determine a good classification system

Move walkthroughs from right to left

Is there a way for the ongoing fanfic page to automatically sort the list based on time? What parser do you need?

Is there any way to get a level's difficulty without having to go to each page manually?

My thoughts on hard levels[edit | edit source]

BSA 7/Bridge: Insanely Hard

BSA 9: Extra Hard

G-8/Missions: Extra Hard

I-5: Hard

LPT 22: Insanely Hard

LPT 23: Hard

LPT 24: Extra Hard

LPT 22/Missions: Hell

M-5/Bridge: Insanely Hard

PA 13: Extra Hard

PA 14: Insanely Hard

PA 16: Hell

T-3/Bridge First Time: Insanely Hard

T-4: Hard

TWB 10: Extra Hard

U-7/Bridge No Protip: Hell

U-8/Bridge No Protip: Hell

Overrated/Underrated Levels[edit | edit source]

Very Overrated[edit | edit source]

C-4, I-5, I-6, LPT 19, LPT 23, N-9, PC 8, PC 13, River part 3, T-3 (not bridge), T-4, T-5, TWB 12, W-2, W-3, WG 18

Somewhat Overrated[edit | edit source]

39, 48, 55, BSA 7 (not bridge), C-2, C-5, LPT 24, PA 7, PA 15, PC 10, T-7, TWB 10, TWB 14, TWB 15, U-8 (not bridge), WG 20

Underrated[edit | edit source]

PC 5, LPT 11 Missions, G-8/Missions

Suggestions used to look like this...

Character ranking for infinite mode distance:[edit | edit source]

Student[edit | edit source]

(average: ~6000 best: 12739)

The Student can perform very short range jumps (normal jump) to a very long range jump (jumping, pressing up right after jumping, and releasing up at the last second). This makes the Student able to perform a wide range of jumps.

I only use the ability to flip to the other side as a last resort.

This makes the Student be able to jump short and long range, and is slow (and maneuvers kinda fast)

Pastafarian (after change)[edit | edit source]

(average: ~4000 best: 9005)

The Pastafarian is really strong in late game, and because she uses the bridge so much later on, it makes the levels much easier.

Child[edit | edit source]

(average: ~3500 best: ~8500)

The Child is one of the best characters. He is slow but can jump far (and falls slowly), and doesn't crumble tiles easily.

Angel[edit | edit source]

(average: ~3000 best: 10259)

The Angel can do variety of jumps: A regular jump, a jump and a dash right after, a jump and a dash a while after jumping, a jump, dash, and tap glide, or a jump, dash, and hold glide. All these options makes the Angel a really good character.

Duplicator[edit | edit source]

(average: ~2500 best: 7400)

I clump all the duplicates together (by switching gravity repeatedly) to reliably spam up.

Pastafarian (before change)[edit | edit source]

(average: ~2500 best: ~5500)

Bridge. The main weakness is that she cannot jump far in some levels with multiple long jumps, you have to jump on the bridge once, then twice, and then there's no bridge left.

Lizard[edit | edit source]

(average: ~2000 best: 4993)

Slow, high-jumping, consistent. However, very weak on slow conveyors and can't jump that far.

Runner[edit | edit source]

(average: ~1500 best: ~4500)

Also consistent, but can't jump as high.

Skater[edit | edit source]

(average: ~1500 best: ~5000)

Very, very, fast and uncontrollable.

Bunny[edit | edit source]

(average: ~1500 best: 2648)

Like the Skater, but more inconsistent.

Gentleman[edit | edit source]

(average: ~1000 best: ~2500)

Best character to get power cells, but other than that, his maneuvering is terrible and sometimes power cells put you in a bad position to be in. Also somewhat inconsistent with power cell placement.

Hardest levels:[edit | edit source]

5: BSA 7 bridge, second time

4: U-7 bridge without protip

3: LPT 22 Missions

2: U-8 bridge without protip

1: PA 16

Q&A[edit | edit source]

Q: What is your favorite template?

A: Suggested character: PirateFront.png

Q: Why don't you want to be stalked?

A: y u try 2 get my info u stalker ;-;

Q: What is your favorite character?

A: The Student.

Q: How many achievements do you have currently?

A: 50 (A Journey of 1000 Light Years is not achievable in Cool Math Games)

Q: What is your real name?

A: Hint: When you pronounce it, it sounds like your profile name (talking to the question-asker)

Q: Why is your username "Random Pro"?

A: There are other people that you can ask that to (*cough cough Asdfghjklzxcvbnmmnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa cough*).

Q: How do I know you're not a stalker?

A: You don't :)

Q: How do you come across the wiki?

A: I was bored and searched up Run wiki in case if there was one

Q: Do you live in Albuquerque?

A: No. Why u ask u stalker ;-;

Q: What's the word of the day?

A: Why u ask?

Q: Can I call you Jeff?

A: my names jeff

Q: How old are you?

A: Feel free to look in all the threads (I posted my age there)

Q: Why does you write in all caps?


Q: Can you eat a potato blindfolded?

A: Depends :)

Q: Depends? What does thou mean by 'depends'?


Q :Do you say "PO-tah-toe" or "PO-tay-toe"?

A: "Jeff"

Q: JEFF! Where do you get 'Jeff' from?

A: jeff

Q: Should I just give up on trying to teach you grammar?

A: what about I grammar it very perfect

Q: What's your favourite meme?

A: I don't have one; i know over 9000 memes

Q:Why do you like potatoes so much?

A: I like pineapples 2

Q:How did you find Run 3 and the Run Wiki?

A: I liked the Run games. The first game I found was Run 2, and I went my way to beat all the levels and collect all the bonuses. Later, when Run 3 was out, I played it. I came across Run Wiki by searching it up.

Q: Do you like trains?

A: i like bread

Q: What’s up with the potatoes?

A: Not much

Q: What search engine do you use?

A: Google

Q: Do you nose the kokonut nut is a giant nut, and if you eat too much, you get very fat?

A: But the kokonut nut is not a nut

Q:.What's the koko fruit

A: It's a koko fruit

Q:Of the koko tree

A: From the kokopalm family

Q: There are so many uses

A: ...rly?

Q: How do you add links to your username? (This is Jp367.)

A: Type in Jp367, select it, press the link button next to bold and italic (at the top) and change the link to "User:Jp367". Click the matching page (if there are two, any works).


A: Don't ask

Q: Do you like old Sega Mega Drive games like the first 3 sonic games and sonic and knuckles?

A: Uhhh..... no?

Q: Do you agree that sonic is better than Mario?

A: I don't really play either of the games regarding them

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Not potatoes

Q: other than run 3 what games do u like?

A: currently, I also like run 2,,

Q:what people do you not like?

A: On the wiki, I think everyone is cool (except vandals, spammers, etc.) In the game, I dislike the Skater, because of less derpface don't change this lol maneuverability and the Child, because of the same reason.

Q: what’s you favorite animal?

A: Probably a falcon or something

Q: Jp367: How do you feel about to reaching 2000 edits????

A: I'm not in a rush to reach it, though i think u would beat me to it xd

Q:Why is this QandA section a firey mess.

A: because it is

Q: Who is the best player at run 3?

A: Not me :)

Q: Why did you ask a question in your own Q&A?

A: i dont know lol

Q: What Youtuber Do You love? (Mine: Pankayz & Zerophyx) (By: Level I-5 In Run 3 Is Hellrated)

A: Here's a hint: His username starts with T, ends with an e, he is a pig, he has a crown, he likes potatoes, and he has 1.5 million subscribers. (if you know him, it will be obvious. But if you don't, then you can't figure out a single thing :) )

Q:If you were in run 3 would you go home or to the wormhol?

A: Probably home. I'd love an imaginary battle with the Child for the Water Gun Game score.

Q: How's life?








Q: How many Power Cells do you have?


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