Hi, I create and edit stuff like any other user here.

I sometimes handle the fandom side of things. Draw art, make stories, speculate, or even update you on new character announcements from player_03. You can find my art here.

I'm currently writing A Legend from the Planet! Read it sometime! Featuring the hammerspace ability and bizarre events in new locations with new characters!

I'm a fairly avid player of the Lizard. Haven't played much recently, but stop here for tips if that's your thing.

You can find me on Discord as Beans!?#7959. I'm a moderator there. How? Probably the same way as others on there.

I was originally Emendbend in 2017 as well as numerous other accounts. Sound familiar? Yeah, I was a bit of a perfectionist. Any little thing I didn't like would end up sending my account to the dumpster. I guess I still am now.

On those accounts, I created the Zombie, Caveman, and Soundtrack pages. They also started on Run 2 guides but were quickly redirected to different names and presumably guides. Run (1) guides are still intact, though.



Switch Friend Code: SW-7071-4692-2529

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